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We offer a multitude of services to help you & your machines get up and running.

Software Diagnostics

Slow & buggy software is no fun, and neither is trying to decipher error codes. Bring in your computers to get diagnosed and we'll figure out how to get your machines running as smooth as the day you first bought them.

Hardware Repair

Laptops, desktops, phones, tablets, all-in-ones; you bring it and we'll fix it. Our team of Hogwarts Experts will diagnose any and all problems your machine may be facing and will have it solved in no time.

Computer Security

Viruses got you down? We've devised a 15-step process to ensure that all of that pesky malware is a thing of the past while also installing verified software to prevent them from bothering you again.


See what some of our past (and ongoing) customers have to say about our services.


Architect - Surface Pro


Gamer - Alienware


Attorney - LG All-In-One


Commercial Pilot - Galaxy Note 7


Anesthesiologist - iPad

Our Process

Follow us through our step-by-step process in diagnosing and reparing our customers' products.

  • Step 1


    Whether you're walking into our storefront or calling from across the country, our Wizzes will happily answer any and all questions you may have regarding our business and our repair processes. They will give you a quote for your repair on the spot so that you have an accurate idea of how much the repair will cost and an estimate as to how long the repair will take.

  • Step 2


    Our certified experts will carefully run in-depth diagnostics to determine the exact cause of whatever issue you're having. From there, they run additional tests to see if there are any additional problems with your product. After the diagnosis, it is the duty of our parts specialists to source any components needed for the repair and to get an estimated shipping time for the parts to arrive.

  • Step 3


    After gathering all of the necessary information, our customer service representatives will reach out to you in order to gain approval of the repair cost and time. If a customer is not satisfied with either the price or length of the repair, our representatives will do their best to come to an agreement that is beneficial to both us and, more importantly, the customer.

  • Step 4


    Once approval is given, your product will be flown over to the appropriate department by owl within our facilitiy in order to undergo repair. Unless otherwise specified and agreed upon, our technicians use only OEM parts from certified sources for all repairs. Once the repair itself is done, further diagnostic testing is done to ensure that the issue is completely resolved.

  • Step 5


    Once your repair is complete, it will be sent to either our special owl mailing department or to our front desk wizzes, depending on how we received it. Storefront customers will be given a call to come in and pick up their newly repaired items. Online customers will receive their carefully packaged and protected products within 3-5 shipping days from the day we collect payment.

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Our Amazing Team Leads

These amazing four wizards have made it their duty to ensure all of our operations run smoothly and our customers are happy.

Franklin P.

Lead Software Technician

Alton T.

Head of Customer Service

Bao T.

Lead Parts Specialist

Brandon N.

Lead Hardware Technician

Team Hogwarts's specially trained personel is here to guide you through every step of the way!


Here is a map showing our location. Feel free to stop by Monday through Friday, 1PM - 2PM. Click the "DIRECTIONS" link below to get directions!


1 Washington Sq, San Jose, CA 95192

Contact Us

If you have any questions or wish to mail us your item to be repaired, go ahead and leave us a message below or click the "EMAIL" link.